packit-push-updates - Man Page

Find all Bodhi updates that have been in...


packit push-updates [Options] [PATH_OR_URL]


   Find all Bodhi updates that have been in testing for more than 'Stable days' (7 by default)
   and push them to stable.

   If you are not authenticated with the bodhi server, please make sure that you
   navigate in your browser to the URL provided by the bodhi-client and then paste
   the `code=XX...` to the terminal when prompted.

   If you set `fas_user` and `kerberos_realm` in your "~/.config/packit.yaml" and
   have an active Kerberos TGT, you will be automatically authenticated. Otherwise,
   you need to follow the prompt


--update-alias TEXT

For example FEDORA-2019-ee5674e22c

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2024-02-07 0.91.0 packit push-updates Manual