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packit-propose-downstream - Man Page

Land a new upstream release in Fedora...


packit propose-downstream [Options] [PATH_OR_URL] [VERSION]


Land a new upstream release in Fedora using upstream packit config.

PATH_OR_URL argument is a local path or a URL to the upstream git repository, it defaults to the current working directory

VERSION argument is optional, the latest upstream version will be used by default


--dist-git-branch TEXT

Comma separated list of target branches in dist-git to release into. (defaults to all branches)

--dist-git-path TEXT

Path to dist-git repo to work in. Otherwise clone the repo in a temporary directory.


Upload the new sources also when the archive is already in the lookaside cache.

--pr / --no-pr

Create a pull request to downstream repository or push directly. If not set, defaults to value set in configuration.

-f, --force

Don't discard changes in the git repo by default, unless this is set.

-b, --resolve-bug TEXT

Bug(s) that are resolved with the update, e.g. rhbz#123 (multiple can be specified)


Sync ACLs between dist-git repo and the fork, is considered only with --pr option.

-p, --package TEXT

Package to sync downstream, if more than one available, like in a monorepo configuration. Use it multiple times to select multiple packages.Defaults to all the packages listed inside the config.


Do not checkout release tag. Use the current state of the repo. This option is set by default for source-git repos

--upstream-ref TEXT

Git ref of the last upstream commit in the current branch from which packit should generate patches (this option implies the repository is source-git).

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2024-07-09 0.98.0 packit propose-downstream Manual