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packit-dist-git-init - Man Page

Create the initial Packit dist-git...


packit dist-git init [Options] [OTHER_ARGS]... [PATH_OR_URL]


Create the initial Packit dist-git configuration for Fedora release syncing based on the input parameters.

This command adds `.packit.yaml` file to the dist-git repository either:

1. specified by path (defaults to current working directory)

2. specified by URL (`https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/<package>`) - clones the repository and adds the config in there. Ideally use this with --clone-path option, otherwise the repository is cloned to a temporary directory that is then removed.

By default, all 3 jobs (`pull_from_upstream`, `koji_build`, `bodhi_update`) for release syncing are configured. You can use --no-pull, --no-koji-build or --no-bodhi-update
options to not add some of the jobs (at the moment, Bodhi updates are created only for
Koji builds built by Packit, therefore --no-koji-build implies also no Bodhi update job).

You can either create the Packit config file only locally (default), or create a pull request (using --create-pr option) or push directly to the dist-git's default branch (--push-to-distgit).

See 'packit init', if you want to initialize a repository as an upstream repo.


Local generation for dist-git repo in current working directory:

   $ packit dist-git init --upstream-git-url https://github.com/packit/packit .

Local generation for dist-git repo specified by URL that will be cloned to `<my-package>` dir:

   $ packit dist-git init --upstream-git-url https://github.com/packit/packit --clone-path
   `<my-package>` https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/packit

Using arbitrary configuration options that are not provided as the command options (the working dir needs to be specified in this case):

   $ packit dist-git init --upstream-git-url https://github.com/packit/packit
   --my-option option-value .


--upstream-git-url TEXT

URL to the upstream GIT repository

--upstream-git-url-command TEXT

Command to get the URL of the upstream git repository

--upstream-tag-template TEXT

Template applied for upstream tags if they differ from versions. E.g. 'v{version}'

--upstream-tag-include TEXT

Python regex used for filtering upstream tags to include.

--upstream-tag-exclude TEXT

Python regex used for filtering upstream tags to exclude.

--version-update-mask TEXT

Python regex used for comparison of the old and the new version.

--issue-repository TEXT

URL of a git repository that can be used for reporting errors in form of issues.


Do not include the pull from upstream job in the config


Do not include the Koji build job in the config

--allowed-committers TEXT

Comma separated list of allowed_committers used for Koji builds

--allowed-pr-authors TEXT

Comma separated list of allowed_pr_authors used for Koji builds


Do not include the Bodhi update job in the config

--actions-file FILE

Yaml file with 'actions' that should be used for the config

--dist-git-branches TEXT

Comma separated list of target branches in dist-git to release into. (defaults to rawhide)

-p, --push-to-distgit

Push the generated Packit config to the dist-git repository's rawhide

-c, --create-pr

Create a PR with generated Packit config

-f, --force

Reset config to default if already exists.

--clone-path TEXT

Path to clone the dist-git repo into (if path_or_url is URL). Otherwise clone the repo in a temporary directory.

--commit-msg TEXT

Commit message used when creating a PR (also for the title) or pushing to dist-git. Default: 'Add Packit configuration for automating release syncing'


2024-07-09 0.98.0 packit dist-git init Manual