packit-create-update - Man Page

Create a bodhi update for the selected...


packit create-update [Options] [PATH_OR_URL]


   Create a bodhi update for the selected upstream project

   If you are not authenticated with the bodhi server, please make sure that you
   navigate in your browser to the URL provided by the bodhi-client and then paste
   the `code=XX...` to the terminal when prompted.

   If you set `fas_user` and `kerberos_realm` in your "~/.config/packit.yaml" and
   have an active Kerberos TGT, you will be automatically authenticated. Otherwise,
   you need to follow the prompt

   PATH_OR_URL argument is a local path or a URL to the upstream git repository,
   it defaults to the current working directory


--dist-git-branch TEXT

Comma separated list of target branches in dist-git to create bodhi update in. (defaults to repo's default branch)

--dist-git-path TEXT

Path to dist-git repo to work in. Otherwise clone the repo in a temporary directory.

--koji-build TEXT

Koji build (NVR) to add to the bodhi update (can be specified multiple times)

--update-notes TEXT

Bodhi update notes

--update-type [security|bugfix|enhancement|newpackage]

Type of the bodhi update

-b, --resolve-bugzillas BUGZILLA_IDS

Bugzilla IDs that are resolved with the update

-p, --package TEXT

Package to update, if more than one available, like in a monorepo configuration. Use it multiple times to select multiple packages.Defaults to all the packages listed inside the config.

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2024-02-07 0.91.0 packit create-update Manual