packit-create-update - Man Page

Create a bodhi update for the selected...


packit create-update [Options] [PATH_OR_URL]


   Create a bodhi update for the selected upstream project

   PATH_OR_URL argument is a local path or a URL to the upstream git repository,
   it defaults to the current working directory


--dist-git-branch TEXT

Comma separated list of target branches in dist-git to create bodhi update in. (defaults to repo's default branch)

--koji-build TEXT

Koji build (NVR) to add to the bodhi update (can be specified multiple times)

--update-notes TEXT

Bodhi update notes

--update-type [security|bugfix|enhancement|newpackage]

Type of the bodhi update

-b, --resolve-bugzillas BUGZILLA_IDS

Bugzilla IDs that are resolved with the update

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2022-09-16 packit create-update Manual