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packit-build-in-koji - Man Page

Build selected upstream project in Fedora.


packit build in-koji [Options] [PATH_OR_URL]


   Build selected upstream project in Fedora.

   By default, packit checks out the respective dist-git repository and performs
   `fedpkg build` for the selected branch. With `--from-upstream`, packit creates a SRPM
   out of the current checkout and sends it to koji.

   PATH_OR_URL argument is a local path or a URL to the upstream git repository,
   it defaults to the current working directory


--dist-git-branch TEXT

Comma separated list of target branches in dist-git to release into. (defaults to repo's default branch)

--dist-git-path TEXT

Path to dist-git repo to work in. Otherwise clone the repo in a temporary directory.


Build the project in koji directly from the upstream repository

--koji-target TEXT

Koji target to build inside (see `koji list-targets`).


Submit a scratch koji build

--wait / --no-wait

Wait for the build to finish

--release-suffix TEXT

Specifies release suffix. Allows to override default generated:{current_time}.{sanitized_current_branch}{git_desc_suffix}


Allows to use default, packit-generated, release suffix when some release_suffix is specified in the configuration.

-p, --package TEXT

Package to build, if more than one available, like in a monorepo configuration. Use it multiple times to select multiple packages.Defaults to all the packages listed inside the config.


2024-04-22 0.95.0 packit build in-koji Manual