packit-build-in-image-builder - Man Page

Create a VM image in Image Builder.


packit build in-image-builder [Options] IMAGE_NAME [PATH_OR_URL]


   Create a VM image in Image Builder.


   This command is experimental and the integration with Image Builder will be
   changed in a backwards incompatible way in the future.

   Packit loads image build configuration from your packit.yaml file.

   When `--job-config-index` is not specified, the job configuration is loaded from your
   .packit.yaml and the first matching vm_image_build job is used.

   IMAGE_NAME is the name of the image to be created. Please pick something unique so it's
   easy to identify for you in the Image Builder interface and can be well associated
   with the image content.

   [PATH_OR_URL] argument is a local path or a URL to the upstream git repository,
   it defaults to the current working directory


--job-config-index INTEGER

Use N-th job definition to load configuration for the image build. The type needs to be vm_image_build.

--wait / --no-wait

Wait for the build to finish

-p, --package TEXT

Package to build, if more than one available, like in a monorepo configuration. Use it multiple times to select multiple packages.Defaults to all the packages listed inside the config.


2024-04-08 0.94.2 packit build in-image-builder Manual