p0rn-download man page

p0rn-download — download URLs queued in p0rn database


p0rn-download starts to download the URLs queued in the p0rn database.


p0rn-download starts a massive parallel download via p0rn-grab(1). Downloaded files appear in ./out.


All data is stored in a database. By default, it is located in ./p0rn.db (yes, that's the directory from which you're starting p0rn-download). Is you want to change this, set the environment variable P0RNDBLOCATION (the second letter is a zero) to another path and filename.

See Also

p0rn-proxy(1), p0rn-dbdump(1), p0rn-dbrestore(1), p0rn-grab(1)

Modules Needed

use DBM::Deep;

This module can be obtained at <http://www.cpan.org>.

Programs Needed

lynx: <http://lynx.browser.org/>

wget: <http://wget.sunsite.dk/>


Please report bugs by mail to <p0rn-bugs@cgarbs.de>.


p0rn-download was written by Christian Garbs <mitch@cgarbs.de>.


Look for updates at <http://www.cgarbs.de/p0rn-comfort.en.ht…>.

Referenced By

p0rn-bot(1), p0rn-dbadd(1), p0rn-dbdel(1), p0rn-dbdump(1), p0rn-dblist(1), p0rn-grab(1), p0rn-proxy(1).

2004-05-26 0.0.4 p0rn-comfort