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p0rn-dbadd - Man Page

add links to the p0rn database


p0rn-dbadd table


p0rn-dbadd adds links to the p0rn database.  There should be no need to call this program directly.


You must set the table name upon startup.  Existing database tables are thumbz for thumbnails, picz for pictures and downz for download urls.  Links are then read from STDIN and saved to the database.

Data Format

Format is one plain URL per line with no leading or trailing whitespace.

Alternative format is a positive integer followed by a tab and a plain URL per line.


All data is stored in a database.  By default, it is located in ./p0rn.db (yes, that's the directory from which you're starting p0rn-add).  Is you want to change this, set the environment variable P0RNDBLOCATION (the second letter is a zero) to another path and filename.

See Also

p0rn-proxy(1), p0rn-download(1), p0rn-dbdump(1), p0rn-dbrestore(1)

Modules Needed

 use DBM::Deep;

This module can be obtained from <http://www.cpan.org>.


Please report bugs by mail to <p0rn-bugs@cgarbs.de>.


p0rn-dbadd was written by Christian Garbs <mitch@cgarbs.de>.


Look for updates at <http://www.cgarbs.de/p0rn-comfort.en.html>.


2004-05-26 0.0.4 p0rn-comfort