p0rn-bot - Man Page

register pages with p0rn-proxy automatically



--depth depth ] [ --help ] [ --proxy proxy ] [ --version ]

p0rn-proxy-c configfile ] [ -h ] [ -P proxy ] [ -V ]


p0rn-bot is a script that automates p0rn-proxy handling.  It starts with a given page and then follows all links recursivly.  All pages encountered are registered with p0rn-proxy either as thumnails sites or as galleries for download.


Be sure to have p0rn-proxy(1) running.  Then start p0rn-bot with the URL of a known thumbnail gallery page.  Now wait and see p0rn-bot do it's work.

When p0rn-bot is finished, the pages are marked for download.  Run p0rn-download(1) to actually get them.


--depth depth-d depth

This sets how 'deep' links are being followed.  0 will only look at the given start URL, 1 will visit the start URL plus all sites that are linked on it and so forth...

Default depth is 2.


This prints a short help text and exits.

--proxy proxy-P proxy

This gives the address where the p0rn-proxy is running.  It is given in the form 'http://hostname:portnumber'.

Default is to use 'http://localhost:8080' as this is the default port that p0rn-proxy listens to.


This prints the current version of japana and exits.

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Modules Needed

 use AppConfig;
 use HTML::Parser;
 use HTTP::Daemon;
 use LWP::UserAgent;
 use URI;

These modules can be obtained from <http://www.cpan.org>.


Please report bugs by mail to <p0rn-bugs@cgarbs.de>.


p0rn-bot was written by Christian Garbs <mitch@cgarbs.de>.


Look for updates at <http://www.cgarbs.de/p0rn-comfort.en.html>.


2004-11-20 0.0.4 p0rn-comfort