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overlay command options



vacuum - remove duplicated files in upperdir where copy_up is done but the file is not actually modified diff   - show the list of actually changed files merge  - merge all changes from upperdir to lowerdir, and clear upperdir deref  - copy changes from upperdir to a new upperdir unfolding redirect and metacopy


-l,  --lowerdir=LOWERDIR

the lowerdir of OverlayFS (required)

-u,  --upperdir=UPPERDIR

the upperdir of OverlayFS (required)

-m,  --mountdir=MOUNTDIR

the mountdir of OverlayFS (optional)

-L,  --lowernew=LOWERNEW

the lowerdir of new OverlayFS (optional)

-U,  --uppernew=UPPERNEW

the upperdir of new OverlayFS (optional)

-v,  --verbose

with diff action only: when a directory only exists in one version, still list every file of the directory

-b,  --brief

with diff action only: conform to output of diff --brief --recursive --no-dereference

-h,  --help

show this help text

See https://github.com/kmxz/overlayfs-tools/ for warnings and more information.


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