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font transcoder


ots-idempotent FONT_FILE


ots-idempotent is a program which validates and transcodes a font file using OTS. This tool transcodes the original font twice and then verifies that the two transcoded fonts are identical:

t1 = ValidateAndTranscode(original_font);
if (validation_error)
t2 = ValidateAndTranscode(t1);
if (validation_error)
if (t1 != t2)

This tool is basically for OTS developers.


$ ./ots-idempotent sample.otf
$ ./ots-idempotent malformed.ttf
WARNING: bad range shift
ERROR at src/ots.cc:670 (ProcessGeneric)
Failed to sanitize file!

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to  <https://github.com/khaledhosny/ots/issues>

See Also

ots-perf(1), ots-sanitize(1), ots-side-by-side(1), ots-validator-checker(1)

Referenced By

ots-perf(1), ots-sanitize(1), ots-side-by-side(1), ots-validator-checker(1).

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