ostree-summary man page

ostree-summary ā€” Regenerate or view the summary metadata file


ostree summary [--gpg-sign=KEYID] [--gpg-homedir=HOMEDIR] {--update} [--add-metadata=KEY=VALUE...]

ostree summary {--view | --raw}


The summary file is an optional higher level form of repository metadata that describes the available branches. It needs to be manually regenerated after a series of commits. Among other things, this allows atomically updating multiple commits.



Update the summary file. This option can be combined with --add-metadata to add metadata fields to the summary.


Specify an additional metadata field to add to the summary. It must be in the format KEY=VALUE or as two separate arguments. The keys must be namespaced for your organisation or repository using a dot prefix. The values must be in GVariant text format. For example, exampleos.end-of-life "@t 1445385600". This option can be used multiple times.


View the contents of the summary file in a human readable format.


View the raw bytes of the summary file.


GPG Key ID to sign the summary with.


GPG Homedir to use when looking for keyrings.


$ ostree summary -u

$ ostree summary -u -m key="'value'"

$ ostree summary -v

* ostree/1/1/0
    Latest Commit (4.2 MB):
    Timestamp (ostree.commit.timestamp): 2017-11-21T01:41:10-08

Last-Modified (ostree.summary.last-modified): 2018-01-12T22:06:38-08

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