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ostree-admin-status - Man Page

List deployments


ostree admin status


Lists the deployments available to be booted into. Includes osname, the checksum followed by the deploy serial, and the refspec. An asterisk indicates the current booted deployment.



Create a new OSTree sysroot at PATH

-V,  --verify

Print the commit verification status

-S,  --skip-signatures

Skip signatures in output

-D,  --is-default

Output the string default if the default deployment is the booted one, not-default if we are booted in a non-default deployment (e.g. the user interactively chose a different entry in the bootloader menu, or the bootloader rolled back automatically, etc.). If we are not in a booted OSTree system, an error is returned.

-v,  --verbose

Print debug information during command processing


Print version information and exit


$ ostree admin status

        * gnome-ostree 67e382b11d213a402a5313e61cbc69dfd5ab93cb07.0
            origin refspec: gnome-ostree/buildmain/x86_64-runtime
          gnome-ostree ce19c41036cc45e49b0cecf6b157523c2105c4de1c.0
            origin refspec: gnome-ostree/buildmain/x86_64-runtime

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