ostree-admin-instutil - Man Page

Utility functions intended primarily for operating system installation programs


ostree admin instutil {SUBCOMMAND} [ARGS]


Use the subcommands to toggle admin installation utilities for selinux policies and kernel arguments.


selinux-ensure-labeled [SUBPATH PREFIX]

Ensure all files and directories are labeled according to SELinux policy of the first deployment.

set-kargs [--merge] [--import-proc-cmdline] [--append="NAME=VALUE"] [--replace="NAME=VALUE"] [MORE_APPEND_ARGS]

Replace the kernel arguments of the default deployment. The new arguments are based on an empty list (the default), the current options (--merge), or the arguments of the loaded kernel (--import-proc-cmdline), and new options either are added to the end (--append="NAME=VALUE") or replace existing arguments of the same name (--replace="NAME=VALUE").

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