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ossutil - Man Page

Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) Object Storage Service (OSS) CLI


Usage of ossutil:



password of network proxy, default is empty


specifies the time that the client read timed out, the unit is: s, default value is 1200.


amount of concurrency tasks when work with a file, value range is: 1-10000, by default the value will be decided by ossutil intelligently.


specifies the kms data service encryption algorithm,Currently only supports the value SM4 or emtpy


specifies the object's version id


specifies the object's all versions


specifies the session name, primarily used in RamRoleArn mode.

-j,  --jobs=

amount of concurrency tasks between multi-files(default: 3), value range is: 1-10000

-L,  --language=

set the language of ossutil(default: EN), value range is: CH/EN, if you set it to "CH", please make sure your system language is UTF-8.

-d,  --directory

Return matching subdirectory names instead of contents of the subdirectory.


Disable crc64, in default situation, ossutil open crc64 check when transmit data.


specifies a name of bucket,primarily used in probe command


time out of signurl, the unit is: s, default value is 60, the value range is: 0-9223372036854775807

-v,  --version

Show ossutil version (v1.7.9) and exit.


max upload speed,the unit is:KB/s,default value is 0(unlimited)


specifies the value of origin field in http header


specifies no encoding of '/' in url path section, primarily used in sign command


specifies that the oss server's digital certificate file will not be verified


the encoding type of object name or file name that user inputs or outputs, currently ossutil only supports url encode, which means the value range of the option is: url, if you do not specify the option, it means the object name or file name that user inputed or outputed was not encoded. bucket name does not support url encode. Note, if the option is specified, the cloud_url like: oss://bucket/object should be inputted as: oss://bucket/url_encode(object), the string: oss://bucket/ should not be url encoded.


specifies the value of the http header Access-Control-Request-Method,primarily used in cors-options command.


username of network proxy, default is empty


specifies the time that the client connection timed out, the unit is: s, default value is 120.


log level,default is empty(no log file output),optional value is:info|debug,info will output information logs,debug will output detail logs(including http request and response logs)


max download speed,the unit is:KB/s,default value is 0(unlimited)


specifies a name of object,primarily used in probe command


url of network proxy server, which supports http/https/socks5, such as, socks5://


ossutil's ip ,such as

-k,  --access-key-secret=

AccessKeySecret while access oss(Notice that the value of the option will cover the value in config file).

-s,  --short-format

Show by short format, if the option is not specified, show long format by default.

-a,  --all-type

Indicate that the subject of the command contains both objects and uncompleted Multipart Uploads.


specifies the authentication mode, the value can be AK,StsToken,RamRoleArn,EcsRamRole, default value is empty.


hash type, Default: crc64, value range is: crc64/md5


specifies the value of the http header Access-Control-Request-Headers, primarily used in cors-options command.


specifies the marker of object version id when list objects's all versions


specifies that do not ignore errors during batch cp, default value is false


The start time is the timestamp in the Linux/Unix system, that is, the number of seconds that have passed since January 1, 1970 (midnight UTC/GMT)


specifies the command's function type. the values ..are LOCATION, PROGRESS, etc


the marker of bucket when list buckets, or the marker of key when list object or Multipart Uploads, Or other places where a marker is needed




specifies the primary key id in the kms(key management service)


Specify the user agent in the http request, and the specified value will be added after the default value


The option specify the directory to place output file in, output file contains: report file generated by cp command when error happens of batch copy operation(for more information about report file, see help of cp command). The default value of the option is: ossutil_output directory in current directory.

-e,  --endpoint=

Base endpoint for oss endpoint(Notice that the value of the option will cover the value in config file). Take notice that it should be second-level domain(SLD).


specifies that uploading of symlink files and symlink directories under the directory is not allowed, the default value is false.


The end time is the timestamp in the Linux/Unix system, that is, the number of seconds that have passed since January 1, 1970 (midnight UTC/GMT)


The directory of the backup file used by the sync command

-i,  --access-key-id=

AccessKeyID while access oss(Notice that the value of the option will cover the value in config file).


acl information.


the range when download objects, the form is like: 3-9 or 3- or -9


Part size, the unit is: Byte, in default situation, ossutil will calculate the suitable part size according to file size. The option is useful when user has special needs or user need to performance tuning, the value range is: 1-9223372036854775807(Byte)


specifies upload action to oss,primarily used in probe command


specifies the command's operation type. the values ..are PUT, GET, DELETE, LIST, etc


specifies the server side encryption algorithm,value is KMS or AES256.


the limited number of return results.


This option is used to accelerate the incremental upload of batch files or download objects in certain scenarios. If you use the option when upload files or download objects, ossutil will generate files to record the snapshot information in the specified directory. When the next time you upload files or download objects with the option, ossutil will read the snapshot information under the specified directory for incremental upload or incremental download. The snapshot-path you specified must be a local file system directory can be written in, if the directory does not exist, ossutil creates the files for recording snapshot information, else ossutil will read snapshot information from the path for incremental upload(ossutil will only upload the files which haven't not been successfully uploaded to oss or been locally modified) or incremental download(ossutil will only download the objects which have not been successfully downloaded or have been modified), and update the snapshot information to the directory. Note: The option record the lastModifiedTime of local files which have been successfully uploaded in local file system or lastModifiedTime of objects which have been successfully downloaded, and compare the lastModifiedTime of local files or objects in the next cp to decided whether to skip the file or object. If you use the option to achieve incremental upload, please make sure no other user modified the corresponding object in oss during the two uploads. If you can not guarantee the scenarios, please use --update option to achieve incremental upload. In addition, ossutil does not automatically delete snapshot-path snapshot information, in order to avoid too much snapshot information, when the snapshot information is useless, please clean up your own snapshot-path on your own immediately.


specifies a network address,usually a domain,primarily used in probe command

-B,  --block-size=

specifies the unit of byte display for du command, the value can be KB, MB, GB, TB


Set object tagging, value format is ["TagA=A&TagB=B...]"

-p,  --password

specifies that the accessKeySecret is inputted from the keyboard


retry times when fail(default: 10), value range is: 1-500

-b,  --bucket

the option used to make sure the operation will operate on bucket


specifies download action from oss,primarily used in probe command


specifies the upload mode,default value is normal,optional value is:normal|append|multipart, which means normal upload.'append upload and multipart upload,it is primarily used in probe command.


specifies that the referer field is not allowed to be empty,primarily used in referer command


specifies that oss object is not generated for directory itself when uploading, primarily used in cp command


specifies the valid time of a token, the unit is: s, default value is 3600, primarily used for AssumeRole parameters in RamRoleArn mode

-r,  --recursive

operate recursively, for those commands which support the option, when use them, if the option is specified, the command will operate on all match objects under the bucket, else we will search the specified object and operate on the single object.

-u,  --update



The payer of the request. You can set this value to "requester" if you want pay for requester


specifies the region of sts endpoint, such as cn-shenzhen, in this case, cn refers to the country and shenzhen refers to the region, to construct sts endpoint, when this option defaults, the sts endpoint is sts.aliyuncs.com, primarily used in RamRoleArn mode.

-t,  --sts-token=

STSToken while access oss(Notice that the value of the option will cover the value in config file), not necessary.


specifies uploading link subdirectories,default are not uploaded; The probe command can detect whether there is a dead cycle symlink file or directory.


specifies the authentication mode, primarily used in EcsRamRole mode.


specifies bucket data redundancy type, the value can be LRS, ZRS. LRS is default value, specifies locally redundant storage; ZRS specifies higher availability of redundant storage


specifies the ARN of ram role, primarily used in RamRoleArn mode.


Set object meta as [header:value#header:value...], e.g., Cache-Control:no-cache#Content-Encoding:gzip


the marker of object when list object or Multipart Uploads.


specifies a url address,primarily used in probe command


http request speed limit,the unit is:bit/s,default value is 0(unlimited),primarily used in sign command


set the storage class of bucket(default: Standard), value range is: Standard/IA/Archive/ColdArchive.


the threshold of file size, the file size larger than the threshold will use resume upload or download(default: 104857600), value range is: 0-9223372036854775807


Exclude Pattern of key, e.g., *.txt

-f,  --force

operate silently without asking user to confirm the operation.


specifies that only files or objects in the current directory are manipulated, and subdirectories are ignored.


specifies probe command's probe item, the value can be upload-speed, download-speed, cycle-symlink


Path of checkpoint directory(default:.ossutil_checkpoint), the directory is used in resume upload or download, when operate failed, ossutil will create the directory automatically, and record the checkpoint information in the directory, when the operation is succeed, the directory will be removed, so when specify the option, please make sure the directory can be removed.


Include Pattern of key, e.g., *.jpg

-c,  --config-file=

Path of ossutil configuration file, where to dump config in config command, or to load config in other commands that need credentials.

-m,  --multipart

Indicate that the subject of the command are uncompleted Multipart Uploads, instead of objects(which is the subject in default situation.


the option is used in partition download mode, one command to download one partition,the value format is "partition number:total count of partitions",such as 1:5, indicating that the command downloads partition 1,total partition count is 5; the partition number is numbered from 1, and the partitioning rules for objects are determined by ossutil; with this option, the objects to be downloaded are divided into multiple partitions, which can be downloaded by multiple ossutil commands,each ossutil command can download its own partition,multiple ossutil commands can be executed on different machines in parallel.

-h,  --help

Show usage message


Show version


February 2024 ossutil 1.7.9