oslc - Man Page

Open Shading Language compiler


oslc [options] file


oslc -- Open Shading Language compiler Copyright Contributors to the Open Shading Language project.



Print this usage message

-o filename

Specify output filename


Verbose mode


Quiet mode


Add path to the #include search path


Define preprocessor symbol


Undefine preprocessor symbol

-O0,  -O1,  -O2

Set optimization level (default=1)


Debug mode


Only preprocess the input and output to stdout


Treat all warnings as errors


Embed preprocessed source in the oso file


(debugging) Force compile from buffer

-MD,  -MMD

Write a depfile containing headers used, to a file

-M,  -MM

Like -MD, but write depfile to stdout

-MF filename

Specify the name of the depfile to output (for -MD, -MMD)

-MT target

Specify a custom dependency target name for -M...


March 2024 oslc