osinfo-install-script man page

osinfo-install-script — generate a script for automated installation


osinfo-install-script [Options...] MEDIA-FILE|OS-ID


Generate a script suitable for performing an automated installation of "MEDIA_FILE" or "OS-ID". "MEDIA_FILE" should be a path to an installer or live media (typically an ISO file). "OS-ID" should be a URI identifying the operating system, or its short ID.

By default a script will be generated for a "JEOS" style install.


Choose the installation script profile. Defaults to "jeos", but can also be "desktop", or a site specific profile name
Set the configuration parameter "key" to "value".

Configuration Keys

The following configuration keys are available

The hardware architecture
The local timezone
The local keyboard layout
The local language
The administrator password
The user password
The user login name
The user real name
Whether to automatically login the user
Whether to give the user administrative privileges
The software registration key
The software registration user login
The software registration user password

Example Usage

The following usage generates a Fedora 16 kickstart script

# osinfo-install-script \
       --profile jeos \
       --config l10n-timezone=GMT \
       --config l10n-keyboard=uk \
       --config l10n-language=en_GB \
       --config admin-password=123456 \
       --config user-login=berrange \
       --config user-password=123456 \
       --config user-realname="Daniel P Berrange" \

Exit Status

The exit status will be 0 if an install script is generated, or 1 on error


Daniel P. Berrange <berrange@redhat.com>


"osinfo-install-script" is distributed under the termsof the GNU LGPL v2 license. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE


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