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osh_eval_implied - Man Page


usage: osh_eval_implied [options] options:


print amount and stacktrace of max memory use


print amount of time spend in certain functions


print amount of time spend in certain functions by percentage

--osh-time-chop 0.0

only print functions whose percent time is greater than given value (e.g. --osh-time-chop=2)


add file name to function name in profile output


catch signals and print a stacktrace


enable floating-point exceptions


suppress all output


use memory pooling

--osh-self-send value

control self send threshold

--osh-mpi-ranks-per-node value

mpi ranks per node (for CUDA+MPI)

missing required argument <mesh_in.osh> missing required argument <mesh_out.osh> usage: osh_eval_implied mesh_in.osh mesh_out.osh

usage: osh_eval_implied mesh_in.osh mesh_out.osh


March 2024 missing required argument <mesh_out.osh>