orange man page

orange ā€” extract CAB files from self-extracting installers


orange [-d DIRECTORY] [-D LEVEL] [-h] [-l] FILENAME


Extract files to DIRECTORY


Set debug log level 0 - No logging (default) 1 - Errors only 2 - Errors and warnings 3 - Everything


Show this help message


The file to list or extract contents of

Orange is a tool and library for squeezing out juicy installable Microsoft Cabinet Files from self-extracting installers for Microsoft Windows. It currently supports the following kinds of installers:

* Early support for installers created by Installer VISE. (Orange 0.3 or


* Support for some installers created by Inno Setup. (Orange 0.2 or later) * Early support for the installer used by TomTom products. (Orange 0.2 or


* InstallShield versions 5 and 6, using Unshield for extracting

InstallShield Cabinet files.

* Setup Factory versions 5 and 6 using Dynamite for data decompression. * Some other installer (using a DLL called inflate.dll). This is used by

for example Macromedia Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC 2002.

* Microsoft Cabinets (also self-extracting) when you have Cabextract


* Zip archives (also self-extracting) when you have UnZip installed.


July 2004 orange 0.3.1