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opentrep-searcher - Man Page

Command-line utility to parse travel requests


opentrep-searcher [--prefix] [-v|--version] [-h|--help] [-e|--error < spelling error>] [-d|--xapiandb <Xapian-travel-database-path>] [-t|--sqldbtype <SQL-database-type>] [-s|--sqldbconx <SQL-database-connection-string>] [-l|--log <path-to-output-log-file>] [-y|--type <search-type>] [-q|--query <search-query>]


opentrep-searcher is a small program to parse a travel request and search through a Xapian-index

opentrep-searcher accepts the following options:

Show the Opentrep installation prefix.

-v, --version
Print the currently installed version of Opentrep on the standard output.

-h, --help
Produce that message and show usage.

-e, --error
Allowed spelling error distance (e.g., 3).

-d, --xapiandb <Xapian-travel-database-path>
Path (directory) to the Xapian travel database. The indexer creates, or overwrites it when it already exists, the Xapian database. It materialises as a collection of data files within a directory usually named 'traveldb'.

-t, --sqldbtype <SQL-database-type>
SQL database type, e.g., nosql (no SQL database), sqlite, mysql

-s, --sqldbconx <SQL-database-connection-string>
SQL database connection string, e.g., ~/tmp/opentrep/sqlite_travel.db (for SQLite3), 'db=trep_trep user=trep password=trep' (for MySQL)

-l, --log <path-to-output-log-file>
Path (absolute or relative) of the output log file.

-y, --type <search-type>
Type of search request (0 = full text, 1 = coordinates).

-q, --query <search-query>
Travel query word list (e.g. sna francicso rio de janero lso anglese reykyavki), which should be located at the end of the command line (otherwise, the other options would be interpreted as part of that travel query word list).

See the output of the `opentrep-searcher --help' command for the default options.

See Also

opentrep-indexer(1), opentrep-dbmgr(1), opentrep-config(1), opentrep-library(3), pyopentrep(1)


Please report any bugs to http://github.com/trep/opentrep/issues

Referenced By

opentrep-config(1), opentrep-dbmgr(1), opentrep-indexer(1), opentrep-library(3), pyopentrep(1).

Version 0.07.15 OpenTREP