openteacher man page

openteacher — Learn words in a foreign language


openteacher [filename]

filename is name of file which contains list of words and was created by openteacher previously.


This manual page documents briefly OpenTeacher.

OpenTeacher helps you to learn a foreign language.  Just enter some words in your native or foreign language, and OpenTeacher tests you.

OpenTeacher has the following features:
 * Read and write T2K and wrts files
  * Easy-to-use interface
 * Support for synonyms
 * Greek input
 * txt-output to print or send
 * Available in English and Dutch


When openteacher starts, the user can do any of the following

Enter list: User enters a list of words in the format '<known word> = <foreign word>' and optionally save the list. Alternatively, the user can open an already existing word list created earlier using openteacher.
 Teach Me: Questions will be asked from current loaded list of words.


OpenTeacher was written by Milan Boers, Marten de Vries, Roel Huybrechts, Cas Widdershoven and David D Lowe.

This manual page was written by Arvind S Raj <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).


July 21, 2011