openssl-storeutl.1ossl - Man Page

STORE command


openssl storeutl [-help] [-out file] [-noout] [-passin arg] [-text arg] [-r] [-certs] [-keys] [-crls] [-subject arg] [-issuer arg] [-serial arg] [-alias arg] [-fingerprint arg] [-digest] [-engine id] [-provider name] [-provider-path path] [-propquery propq] uri


This command can be used to display the contents (after decryption as the case may be) fetched from the given URI.



Print out a usage message.

-out filename

specifies the output filename to write to or standard output by default.


this option prevents output of the PEM data.

-passin arg

the key password source. For more information about the format of arg see openssl-passphrase-options(1).


Prints out the objects in text form, similarly to the -text output from openssl-x509(1), openssl-pkey(1), etc.


Fetch objects recursively when possible.


Only select the certificates, keys or CRLs from the given URI. However, if this URI would return a set of names (URIs), those are always returned.

Note that all options must be given before the uri argument.

-subject arg

Search for an object having the subject name arg.

The arg must be formatted as /type0=value0/type1=value1/type2=.... Special characters may be escaped by \ (backslash), whitespace is retained. Empty values are permitted but are ignored for the search.  That is, a search with an empty value will have the same effect as not specifying the type at all. Giving a single / will lead to an empty sequence of RDNs (a NULL-DN). Multi-valued RDNs can be formed by placing a + character instead of a / between the AttributeValueAssertions (AVAs) that specify the members of the set.


/DC=org/DC=OpenSSL/DC=users/UID=123456+CN=John Doe

-issuer arg
-serial arg

Search for an object having the given issuer name and serial number. These two options must be used together. The issuer arg must be formatted as /type0=value0/type1=value1/type2=..., characters may be escaped by \ (backslash), no spaces are skipped. The serial arg may be specified as a decimal value or a hex value if preceded by 0x.

-alias arg

Search for an object having the given alias.

-fingerprint arg

Search for an object having the given fingerprint.


The digest that was used to compute the fingerprint given with -fingerprint.

-engine id

See "Engine Options" in openssl(1). This option is deprecated.

-provider name
-provider-path path
-propquery propq

See "Provider Options" in openssl(1), provider(7), and property(7).

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This command was added in OpenSSL 1.1.1.

The -engine option was deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0.

Referenced By

openssl.1ossl(1), openssl-cmds.1ossl(1).

2024-04-04 3.2.1 OpenSSL