openssl-engine.1ossl - Man Page

load and query engines


openssl engine [-help] [-v] [-vv] [-vvv] [-vvvv] [-c] [-t] [-tt] [-pre command] ... [-post command] ... [engine ...]


This command has been deprecated.  Providers should be used instead of engines.

This command is used to query the status and capabilities of the specified engines. Engines may be specified before and after all other command-line flags. Only those specified are queried.



Display an option summary.

-v -vv -vvv -vvvv

Provides information about each specified engine. The first flag lists all the possible run-time control commands; the second adds a description of each command; the third adds the input flags, and the final option adds the internal input flags.


Lists the capabilities of each engine.


Tests if each specified engine is available, and displays the answer.


Displays an error trace for any unavailable engine.

-pre command
-post command

Command-line configuration of engines. The -pre command is given to the engine before it is loaded and the -post command is given after the engine is loaded. The command is of the form cmd:val where cmd is the command, and val is the value for the command. See the example below.

These two options are cumulative, so they may be given more than once in the same command.


To list all the commands available to a dynamic engine:

 $ openssl engine -t -tt -vvvv dynamic
 (dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support
      [ unavailable ]
      SO_PATH: Specifies the path to the new ENGINE shared library
           (input flags): STRING
      NO_VCHECK: Specifies to continue even if version checking fails (boolean)
           (input flags): NUMERIC
      ID: Specifies an ENGINE id name for loading
           (input flags): STRING
      LIST_ADD: Whether to add a loaded ENGINE to the internal list (0=no,1=yes,2=mandatory)
           (input flags): NUMERIC
      DIR_LOAD: Specifies whether to load from 'DIR_ADD' directories (0=no,1=yes,2=mandatory)
           (input flags): NUMERIC
      DIR_ADD: Adds a directory from which ENGINEs can be loaded
           (input flags): STRING
      LOAD: Load up the ENGINE specified by other settings
           (input flags): NO_INPUT

To list the capabilities of the rsax engine:

 $ openssl engine -c
 (rsax) RSAX engine support
 (dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support



The path to the engines directory.

See Also

openssl(1), config(5)


This command was deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0.

Referenced By

openssl.1ossl(1), openssl-cmds.1ossl(1), openssl-env.7ossl(7).

2021-09-09 3.0.0 OpenSSL