openslide-write-png - Man Page

Write a region of a virtual slide to a PNG


openslide-write-png [--help] [--version] slide-file x y level width height output-file


Write a region of the specified level of a virtual slide to a PNG image. x and y are pixel coordinates in level 0, the highest-resolution slide level. width and height are pixel dimensions in the specified level.

The dimensions of each level of a slide can be obtained with openslide-show-properties(1).



Display usage summary.


Display version and copyright information.

Exit Status

openslide-write-png returns 0 on success, 1 if an error occurred, or 2 if the arguments are invalid.


openslide-write-png is a legacy command and no new features will be added. Its replacement is the region read subcommand of slidetool(1).

See Also

openslide-show-properties(1), slidetool(1)

Referenced By


2023-06-30 OpenSlide 4.0.0