openslide-quickhash1sum - Man Page

Print OpenSlide quickhash-1 checksums


openslide-quickhash1sum [--help] [--version] slide...


Print OpenSlide quickhash-1 checksums for one or more virtual slide files, in a format similar to sha256sum(1).

quickhash-1 is a non-cryptographic, 256-bit hash of a subset of a slide's data. It uniquely identifies a particular virtual slide, but cannot be used to detect corruption or modification of the slide file.



Display usage summary.


Display version and copyright information.

Exit Status

openslide-quickhash1sum returns 0 on success, 1 if a quickhash-1 could not be calculated, or 2 if the arguments are invalid.


quickhash-1 is not defined for all slide files supported by OpenSlide.  If a slide does not have a quickhash-1, "No quickhash-1 available" will be printed.

See Also

openslide-show-properties(1), openslide-write-png(1), sha256sum(1)

Referenced By

openslide-show-properties(1), openslide-write-png(1).

2012-02-24 OpenSlide 3.4.1