openshift man page

openshift ā€” Build, deploy, and manage your cloud applications


openshift [Options]


OpenShift Application Platform

The OpenShift distribution of Kubernetes helps you build, deploy, and manage your applications on top of Docker containers. To start an all-in-one server with the default configuration, run:

$ openshift start



Path to the file container Azure container registry configuration information.


The Google Cloud Platform Service Account JSON Key to use for authentication.


Print version information and quit

See Also

openshift-completion(1), openshift-options(1), openshift-start(1), openshift-version(1),


June 2016, Ported from the Kubernetes man-doc generator

Referenced By

openshift-completion(1), openshift-options(1), openshift-start(1), openshift-version(1).

Openshift CLI User Manuals June 2016