oogl2rib.1gv - Man Page

convert OOGL file to RenderMan rib format


oogl2rib [-n name] [-B r,g,b] [-w width] [-h height] [-fgb] [infile] [outfile]


This manual page documents briefly the oogl2rib command.

oogl2rib Convert OOGL file to RenderMan rib format. Default: read from stdin, write to stdout. Accepts "-" as infile/outfile.


The default action is to create a complete rib file containing default camera, lights, etc.

-n name

Set name for rendered TIFF file (default "geom.tiff") or framebuffer window (default "geom.rib").

-B r,g,b

Set background color, each component ranges from 0 to 1.  Default is no background.

-w width

Set width of rendered frame, in pixels.

-h height

Set height of rendered frame, in pixels.


The .rib file renders to on-screen framebuffer instead of TIFF file.


Output geometry only, no world, no world block.


Encapsulate geometry-only into a world block. This is the configuration to define a RIB file 'clip object' via the Quick RenderMan specification. Ignores -nBwhf.

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This manual page was written by Steve Robbins <steven.robbins@videotron.ca>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


February 23, 2001