onionbalance-config - Man Page

tool for generating onionbalance config files and keys


The onionbalance-config tool is the fastest way to generate the necessary keys and config files to get your onion service up and running.

$ onionbalance-config

When called without any arguments, the config generator will run in an interactive mode and prompt for user input.

The master directory should be stored on the management server while the other instance directories should be transferred to the respective backend servers.

Command-Line Options


onionbalance distributes the requests for a Tor hidden services across multiple Tor instances.

usage: onionbalance-config [-h] [-i IP] [-p PORT] [-s SOCKET] [-c CONFIG]
                           [-v VERBOSITY] [--version]
-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-i <ip>, --ip <ip>

Tor controller IP address

-p <port>, --port <port>

Tor controller port

-s <socket>, --socket <socket>

Tor unix domain control socket location

-c <config>, --config <config>

Config file location

-v <verbosity>, --verbosity <verbosity>

Minimum verbosity level for logging.  Available in ascending order: debug, info, warning, error, critical).  The default is info.


show program's version number and exit



This is the configuration file that is used my the OnionBalance management server.


The private key which will become the public address and identity for your hidden service. It is essential that you keep this key secure.


A sample Tor configuration file which can be used with the Tor instance running on the management server.


A sample Tor config file which contains the Tor HiddenService* options needed for your backend Tor instance.


Directory containing the private key for you backend hidden service instance. This key is less critical as it can be rotated if lost or compromised.

See Also

Full documentation for the OnionBalance software is available at https://onionbalance.readthedocs.org/


Donncha O'Cearbhaill <donncha@donncha.is>


Sep 16, 2019 0.1.4 OnionBalance