ola_streaming_client man page

ola_streaming_client — Stream data to the OLA server.


ola_streaming_client [ options ]


ola_streaming_client is used to stream DMX512 data to olad(1). If DMX512 data isn't provided, it will read from STDIN.


-h, --help

Display the help message.

-d, --dmx <dmx data>

Comma separated DMX values to send, e.g. 0,255,128 sets first channel to 0, second channel to 255 and third channel to 128.

-l, --log-level <int8_t>

Set the logging level 0 .. 4.

-u, --universe <universe-id>

Id of the universe to send data for.

-v, --version

Print ola_streaming_client version information


Send to syslog rather than stderr.


Disable the use of epoll(), revert to select()


Disable the use of kqueue(), revert to select()

--scheduler-policy <policy>

The thread scheduling policy, one of {fifo, rr}.

--scheduler-priority <priority>

The thread priority, only used if --scheduler-policy is set.

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July 2013