ola_patch man page

ola_patch — Control OLA port bindings.


ola_patch [ options ]


ola_patch is used to control the port to universe mappings in olad(1).


-d, --device <device>
The id of device to patch.
-h, --help
Display the help message.
-p, --port <port>
The id of the port to patch.
-r, --unpatch
Unpatch this port.
-i, --input
Patch the input port (default is output).
-u, --universe <universe-id>
The id of the universe to patch to (default 0).


Patch output port 1 of device 4 to universe 3

ola_patch -d 4 -p 1 -u 3

Patch input port 2 of device 5 to universe 10

ola_patch -d 5 -p 2 -i -u 10

See Also

olad(1), ola_dev_info(1),

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July 2013