ola_dmxmonitor man page

ola_dmxmonitor — Monitor the DMX512 values on an OLA universe.


ola_dmxmonitor [-u universe-id ]


ola_dmxmonitor provides a simple monitor for DMX512 data.


-u, --universe <universe-id>
The universe ID to monitor.
-h, --help
Displays a short help message.


Once running, the following keys control the behavior:

m, M
Toggle display modes: hex, DMX and decimal.
n, N
Toggle channel (slot) indexing mode. 0-indexed or 1-indexed.
p, P
Toggle display palette.
q, Q
Quit the program
Arrow keys or k, j, h, l or K, J, H, L
Move the channel (slot) cursor.
Move the channel (slot) cursor to the first channel.
Move the channel (slot) cursor to the last channel.

See Also

ola_dmxconsole(1), olad(1),

Referenced By

olad(1), ola_dmxconsole(1).

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March 2013