okular man page

okular — a universal document viewer


okular [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [Okular options] [URL]


okular is aimed to show documents in different formats.

Generic Options


Show help about options.


Show Qt specific options.


Show KDE specific options.


Show all options.


Show author information.

-v, --version

Show version information.


Show license information.


End of options.

Okular Options

-p, --page number

Open a given page in the document.


Start the document in presentation mode.


Start with print dialog.


Unique instance control.


Allows to prevent Okular window raising after the start.



An address of the document to be opened. For PDF, can be given as document_name#named_destination where named_destination is a particular named destination embedded in the document.


On IRC, irc.freenode.net #okular or via email, okular-devel@kde.org or on the web, <http://okular.kde.org/>

See Also

More detailed user documentation is available from help:/okular (either enter this URL into Konqueror, or run khelpcenter help:/okular).


Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor@ukr.net>

Okular man page.

Referenced By

groff(1), groffer(1).

2013-03-09 K Desktop Environment KDE User's Manual