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oggz-scan - Man Page

Scan an Ogg file and output characteristic landmarks


oggz-scan [-k  | --keyframe ]  [-o filename  | --output filename ]  [-f format  | --format format ] filename  

oggz-scan [-h  | --help ]  [-v  | --version ]  


oggz-scan scans the content of an Ogg file and  outputs timestamps of characteristic features.


oggz-scan accepts the following options:

Output options

-o filename, --output filename

Write output to the specified  filename instead of printing it to  standard output.

-f format, --format format

Write output in the specified  format. Supported formats are plain, cmml, html. (Default: plain)

Feature options

-k,  --keyframe

Display timestamps of unforced Theora keyframes.

Miscellaneous options

-h,  --help

Display usage information and exit.

-v,  --version

Output version information and exit.


Silvia Pfeiffer        October 7, 2005;      

See Also

oggz-dump(1),  oggz-info(1),  oggz-rip(1),  oggz-validate(1)