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oggSilence - Man Page

creates a silence period in vorbis format


oggSilence [options] outfile.ogg


oggSilence creates a vorbis file with a silence duration which length is specified by the -l option.



Duration of the silence in ms. Default: 60000

Example: -l 5000


Sample rate of the output file in Hz. Default: 44100

Example: -r 16000


Data rate of the silence file in bit/s. Default: 64000

Example: -d 64000


Number of output channels. Default: 2

Example: -n 2


oggSilence -d 32000 -r 16000 -n 2 -l 10000 silence.ogg


Joern Seger <yorn at gmx dot net>

See Also

oggCut(1), oggCat(1), oggJoin(1), oggSplit(1), oggTranscode(1), oggSlideshow(1), oggThumb(1)

Referenced By

mkThumbs(1), oggCat(1), oggCut(1), oggDump(1), oggJoin(1), oggLength(1), oggSlideshow(1), oggSplit(1), oggThumb(1), oggTranscode(1).

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