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odoc - Man Page


odoc [COMMAND] …

COMMANDS: Compilation pipeline

compile [OPTION]… FILE

Compile a .cmti, .cmt, .cmi or .mld file to an .odoc file.

compile-index [--file-list=FILE] [OPTION]… [FILE]…

Generate an index of all identified entries in the .odocl files found in the given directories.

html-generate [OPTION]… FILE.odocl

Generate html files from a .odocl.

link [--open=MODULE] [OPTION]… FILE.odoc

Second stage of compilation. Link a .odoc into a .odocl.

source-tree [OPTION]… FILE

Compile a source tree into a page. Expect a text file containing the relative paths to every source files in the source tree. The paths should be the same as the one passed to odoc compile --source-name.

support-files [--without-theme] [OPTION]…

Copy the support files (e.g. default theme, JavaScript files) to the output directory.

COMMANDS: Alternative generators

latex-generate [--extra-suffix=SUFFIX] [--syntax=SYNTAX] [--with-children=BOOL] [OPTION]… FILE.odocl

Generate latex files from a .odocl.

man-generate [--extra-suffix=SUFFIX] [--syntax=SYNTAX] [OPTION]… FILE.odocl

Generate man files from a .odocl.

COMMANDS: Scripting

compile-deps [OPTION]… file.cm{i,t,ti}

List units (with their digest) which needs to be compiled in order to compile this one. The unit itself and its digest is also reported in the output. Dependencies between compile steps are the same as when compiling the ocaml modules.

compile-targets [OPTION]… FILE

Print the name of the file produced by compile. If -o is passed, the same path is printed but error checking is performed.

errors [OPTION]… FILE

Print errors that occurred while compiling or linking.

html-targets [OPTION]… FILE.odocl

Print the files that would be generated by html-generate.

html-url [OPTION]… REF

Resolve a reference and output its corresponding url.

latex-targets [--with-children=BOOL] [OPTION]… FILE.odocl

Print the files that would be generated by latex-generate.

latex-url [OPTION]… REF

Resolve a reference and output its corresponding url.

man-targets [OPTION]… FILE.odocl

Print the files that would be generated by man-generate.

support-files-targets [--without-theme] [OPTION]…

Lists the names of the files that odoc support-files outputs.

COMMANDS: Legacy pipeline

html [OPTION]… FILE.odoc

Render html files from a .odoc. link then html-generate should be used instead.

html-fragment [--xref-base-uri=URI] [OPTION]… file.mld

Generates an html fragment file from an mld one.

latex [--syntax=SYNTAX] [--with-children=BOOL] [OPTION]… FILE.odoc

Render latex files from a .odoc. link then latex-generate should be used instead.

link-deps [OPTION]… PKG_DIR

Lists a subset of the packages and modules which need to be in odoc's load path to link the odoc files in the given directory. Additional packages may be required to resolve all references.

man [--syntax=SYNTAX] [OPTION]… FILE.odoc

Render man files from a .odoc. link then man-generate should be used instead.

COMMANDS: Deprecated

css [--without-theme] [OPTION]…

DEPRECATED: Use odoc support-files to copy the CSS file for the default theme.

html-deps [OPTION]… PKG_DIR

DEPRECATED: alias for link-deps


--help[=FMT] (default=auto)

Show this help in format FMT. The value FMT must be one of auto, pager, groff or plain. With auto, the format is pager or plain whenever the TERM env var is dumb or undefined.


Show version information.


Odoc 2.4.2 Odoc Manual