odmlview - Man Page


odmlview [-p PORT] [--fetch]



odmlview sets up a minimal webserver to view odml files saved in the XML format via the webbrowser. After it is started, the webserver will open a new tab in the default webbrowser and display the content of the directory the server was started from. odML files can then be viewed from there. To properly render XML, an odML file may contain the element '<?xml-stylesheet  type="text/xsl" href="odmlDocument.xsl"?>' where the 'odmlDocument.xsl' stylesheet should reside in the same directory as the odML file to be rendered. By using the '--fetch' flag the latest version of this stylesheet will be downloaded from 'templates.g-node.org' to the current directory when starting up the service.



Port the server will use. Default: 8000


Fetch latest stylesheet from templates.g-node.org to current directory

-h --help

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January 2024 odmlview 1.5.4