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odfuserfield - Man Page

List or change the user-field declarations in an ODF file


odfuserfield [-l] [-L] [-x field...] [-X field...] [-s field:value...] [-o path] path


Odfuserfield is a program that will list or change the user variable declarations in an OpenDocument file. There are two kinds of variables in OpenDocument. Simple variables can take different values at different positions, throughout a document. User variables have the same value throughout a document. Due to the latter´s global nature it is safe to change them with an external application.

Use odfuserfield to fill out form letters before printing or giving to the user.

“Path” is assumed to be an OpenDocument file of text, spreadsheet or presentation type.



List (extract) all known user-fields.


List (extract) all known user-fields with type and value.

-x field

Extract the contents of this field from the file.

-X field

Same as -x, but also preserves/includes the field name and type.

-s field:value

Set the value of an existing user field. The field type will be the same.

-o path

Filename to write modified ODT file to. If no -o option is provided, the ODT file will be written to stdout.


odfuserfield -L odf-file

See Also

formail(1), id3tag(1)


Implement formulas. See OpenDocument v1.0 specification section 6.3.5. This requires a different syntax for -s arguments.


Søren Roug

Original author

Michael Howitz
gocept gmbh & co. kg



03/15/2009 odfpy User commands