odbcinst - Man Page

An unixODBC tool for manipulating configuration files


odbcinst ACTION OBJECT Options


odbcinst is a command line tool which has been created for allowing people who are developing the install scripts/RPMs for Drivers to be able to easily create/remove entries in odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini. This command line tool is a complement to the shared library of the same name (libodbcinst.so). This tool is a part of the odbcinst component of unixODBC.




Install (add section to config file) new OBJECT.


Uninstall (remove section from config file) existing OBJECT.


Query the config files and print the options for specified OBJECT.


Prints current configuration of unixODBC, listing (among others) the paths to the configuration files.


Calls SQLCreateDataSource


Calls SQLManageDataSources


Prints program version and exits.



The ACTION affect drivers (and thus the odbcinst.ini configuration file).


The ACTION affect data sources (and thus the user or system odbc.ini configuration file).



The FILE is template file, describing the configuration of installed OBJECT (only valid for the -i ACTION).


Same as the -f OPTION, only take the standard input as the template file.


Specifies the NAME of the OBJECT.


Turn off verbose mode. This turns off all information, warning and error messages.


The specified data source is system-wide. Has any effect only with the -s OBJECT.


The specified data source is user-specific. Has any effect only with the -s OBJECT.

Return Values

This command returns zero on success and non-zero value on failure.



Configuration file containing all the database drivers specifications. See odbcinst.ini(5) for more details.


System-wide data sources specifications. See odbc.ini(5) for more details.


User-specific data sources specifications. See odbc.ini(5) for more details.

See Also

odbcinst.ini(5), odbc.ini(5)


The authors of unixODBC are Peter Harvey <pharvey@codebydesign.com> and Nick Gorham <nick@lurcher.org>. For the full list of contributors see the AUTHORS file.

Referenced By

isql(1), odbc.ini(5), odbcinst.ini(5), unixODBC(7).

Wed 26 Jun 2013 version 2.3.6 unixODBC manual pages