odbc_config - Man Page

Generates compiler information intended for use when developing a unixODBC client



odbc_config provides information about how unixODBC was compiled for your system and architecture. The information generated is useful for building unixODBC clients and similar programs.



Prefix for architecture-independent files.


Prefix for architecture-dependent files.


Directory containing C header files for unixODBC.


Directory containing unixODBC shared libraries.


Directory containing unixODBC utilities.


Current version of unixODBC.


Compiler flags for linking dynamic libraries.


Absolute file name of the unixODBC static library (libodbc.a).


Absolute file name of the unixODBC libtool library (libodbc.la).


Outputs compiler flags to find header files, as well as critical compiler flags and defines used when compiling the libodbc library.


Version of the ODBC specification used by unixODBC.


Absolute file name of the system-wide DSN configuration file odbc.ini.


Absolute file name of the unixODBC driver configuration file odbcinst.ini.


Definitions of C preprocessor constants used by unixODBC. Generated output can be piped into a C header file.


Compiler flag that defines SIZEOF_SQLULEN.

See Also

unixODBC(7), odbcinst.ini(5), odbc.ini(5)

"The unixODBC Administrator Manual (HTML)"


The authors of unixODBC are Peter Harvey <pharvey@codebydesign.com> and Nick Gorham <nick@lurcher.org>.

For a full list of contributors, refer to the AUTHORS file.

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