oct2rpm - Man Page

RPM generator for Octave packages


oct2rpm -u <url>
oct2rpm -s <source>  
oct2rpm -p <name>


This program is designed to create RPM  from a source file, a url or a name.

Usage:  oct2rpm -p <package name>
       oct2rpm -u <url>
       oct2rpm -s <source>.tar.gz
       oct2rpm -s folder/folder/<source>

The source can be in the same directory or in a subdirectory.

The information about the packager should be filled in /etc/oct2spec.conf. or ~/.oct2spec.conf


-u / --url
   Used to download and generate the RPM directly from the url of
   a tarball

-s / --source
   Used to generate the RPM  directly from a tarball available

-p / --package
   Used to generate the RPM  directly from the name of the package.
   The sources are directly retrieved from Octave Forge.

   Used for packages coming from octave.sourceforge.net

No known bugs at this time