ocp - Man Page

music player


ocp [ options ] [ playlist ] [ modulename ]


This manual page documents briefly the ocp command.

ocp is a music player which can play music modules (ahx, mdl, it, s3m, xm, mod), wave, audio CD, sid, midi, mp3, adlib, flac, ym, and ogg vorbis.

The player has a built-in file selector which can be configured using alt-c.

At any time, press F1 to open the internal help-browser or ALT+k to see a list of the possible short-keys at your current view.

If ran with SDL output mode, some extra graphical effects are available.



Show summary of options.


Use specific configuration.


Fileselector settings


Sound settings


Device settings


Quit when playlist is empty.


ocp -fl0,r1 -vf2 -spdevpdisk -sr48000 fegolhuz.xm

Renders the module to HD.

See Also

oggenc(1), flac(1), lame(1).

info ocp


You can find a more detailed document about the original DOS version here at http://www.cubic.org/player/opencp.pdf .


Open Cubic Player was written by Niklas Beisert and ported to Linux by Stian Sebastian Skjelstad.

This manual page was written by Gürkan Myczko <tar@debian.org>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

Referenced By

schismtracker(1), sxlib.5alc(5).

January 9, 2022