ociolutimage - Man Page

manual page for ociolutimage 2.1.2


Invalid option "--help" ociolutimage -- Convert a 3D LUT to or from an image

usage:  ociolutimage [options] <OUTPUTFILE.LUT>

example:  ociolutimage --generate --output lut.exr example:  ociolutimage --extract --input lut.exr --output output.spi3d


Generate a lattice image


Extract a 3D LUT from an input image

--cubesize %d

Size of the cube (default: 32)

--maxwidth %d

Specify maximum width of the image (default: 2048)

--input %s

Specify the input filename

--output %s

Specify the output filename

--config %s

.ocio configuration file (default: $OCIO)

--colorconvert %s %s

Apply a color space conversion to the image.


July 2022 ociolutimage 2.1.2