ociobakelut - Man Page

manual page for ociobakelut 1.1.1


ociobakelut -- create a new LUT or icc profile from an OCIO config or lut file(s)

usage:  ociobakelut [options] <OUTPUTFILE.LUT>

example:  ociobakelut --inputspace lg10 --outputspace srgb8 --format flame lg_to_srgb.3dl example:  ociobakelut --lut filmlut.3dl --lut calibration.3dl --format flame display.3dl example:  ociobakelut --cccid 0 --lut cdlgrade.ccc --lut calibration.3dl --format flame graded_display.3dl example:  ociobakelut --lut look.3dl --offset 0.01 -0.02 0.03 --lut display.3dl --format flame display_with_look.3dl example:  ociobakelut --inputspace lg10 --outputspace srgb8 --format icc ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/test.icc example:  ociobakelut --lut filmlut.3dl --lut calibration.3dl --format icc ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/test.icc

Using Existing OCIO Configurations

--inputspace %s

Input OCIO ColorSpace (or Role)

--outputspace %s

Output OCIO ColorSpace (or Role)

--shaperspace %s

the OCIO ColorSpace or Role, for the shaper

--looks %s

the OCIO looks to apply

--iconfig %s

Input .ocio configuration file (default: $OCIO)

Config-Free LUT Baking

(all options can be specified multiple times, each is applied in order) --cccid %s           Specify a CCCId for any following luts --lut %s             Specify a LUT (forward direction) --invlut %s          Specify a LUT (inverse direction) --slope %f %f %f     slope --offset %f %f %f    offset (float) --offset10 %f %f %f  offset (10-bit) --power %f %f %f     power --sat %f             saturation (ASC-CDL luma coefficients)

Baking Options

--format %s

the lut format to bake: flame (.3dl), lustre (.3dl), cinespace (.csp), houdini (.lut), iridas_itx (.itx), truelight (.cub), icc (.icc)

--shapersize %d

size of the shaper (default: format specific)

--cubesize %d

size of the cube (default: format specific)


Write to stdout (rather than file)




Print help message

ICC Options

--whitepoint %d

whitepoint for the profile (default: 6505)

--displayicc %s

an icc profile which matches the OCIO profiles target display

--description %s

a meaningful description, this will show up in UI like photoshop (defaults to "filename.icc")

--copyright %s

a copyright field (default: "No copyright. Use freely."


October 2020 ociobakelut 1.1.1