oci-systemd-hook man page


oci-systemd-hook prestart [container.json]

oci-systemd-hook poststop


Setup environment for systemd to run in docker or a OCI compatible runtime. It is expected to receive the state of the container including the pid and ID over stdin as defined in the OCI specification ( ⟨https://github.com/opencontainers/specs⟩). It mounts tmpfs at /run and /tmp, links journal directory to the host using a bind mount and creates /etc/machine-id for the container systemd.

Arguments.IP · 2

prestart:  Setup the systemd environment in a container


container.json: file which describes the container. oci-systemd-hook will examine the json data for the CMD option and only setup the environment if the CMD is init or systemd. Only available on prestart.


poststop:  Teardown and undo the changes on the host done during prestart


Mrunal Patel  ⟨mrunalp@gmail.com⟩ Dan Walsh  ⟨dwalsh@redhat.com⟩


OCI systemd hook