obxprop - Man Page

A minimalistic, highly configurable, next generation window manager with extensive standards support.


openbox [--help]  [--display DISPLAY]  [--id ID]  [--root]  [--]  [PROPERTY ...]  


obxprop is a tool for displaying the properties on an x  window.

This tool has a similar functionality to xprop,  but obxprop allows you to see UTF-8 strings as text.

You may use the --id option to specify a window  identifier, otherwise obxprop will allow you to select a window by  clicking on it.

Primarily, this tool exists for Openbox users to see the value of the  _OB_APP_NAME, _OB_APP_CLASS, _OB_APP_ROLE, and _OB_APP_TYPE properties,  which Openbox uses for  matching windows against user-defined application rules.


These are the possible options that openbox accepts:


Show a summary of the options available.

--display DISPLAY

Specify the X display to use.

--id ID

Specify the window identifier for the window whose properties  will be displayed.

Similar to xprop,  you may pass one or more property names to have  openbox limit its output to only the properties  requested.

See Also

openbox (1), openbox-session(1), openbox-gnome-session(1),  openbox-kde-session(1).

Please report bugs to: http://bugzilla.icculus.org/