obchiral - Man Page

print molecular chirality information




The obchiral program is a tool to print the chirality information for all molecules in a file. It also serves as example code for using the Open Babel library (libopenbabel).


obchiral pyridines.sdf

See Also

obabel(1), obfit(1), obgrep(1), obprop(1), obrotate(1).
The web pages for Open Babel can be found at: <http://openbabel.org/>


The obchiral program was written by Nick England

Open Babel is developed by a cast of many, including currrent maintainers Geoff Hutchison, Chris Morley, Michael Banck, and innumerable others who have contributed fixes and additions. For more contributors to Open Babel, see <http://openbabel.org/wiki/THANKS>

Referenced By

obfit(1), obprop(1), obrotate(1).

October 10, 2019