nyx - Man Page

Tor terminal status monitor


nyx [OPTION]


Nyx is a command line interface for Tor (https://www.torproject.org/), providing detailed real-time relaying information for...

 * bandwidth, cpu, and memory usage
 * connection information
 * tor configuration
 * event logs
 * etc

As a curses interface Nyx is particularly well suited for ssh connections, tty  terminals, and command-line aficionados to check the status of tor.

Nyx can be customized through a configuration file located at ~/.nyx/config. For options see https://nyx.torproject.org/#configuration.


-i, --interface [ADDRESS:]PORT

tor control port we should attach to (default is

-s, --socket SOCKET_PATH

tor control socket we should attach to (default is /var/run/tor/control)

-c, --config CONFIG_PATH

user configuration preferences (default is ~/.nyx/config)

-d, --debug LOG_PATH

writes all nyx logs to the given location

-l, --log EVENTS

comma separated list of events to log

-v,  --version

provides version information

-h,  --help

provides usage information



Your personal nyx configuration file


Sample nyxrc configuration file that documents all options


Written by Damian Johnson (atagar@torproject.org)


27 August 2010