nytprofcsv man page

nytprofcsv — (DEPRECATED) Devel::NYTProf::Reader CSV format implementation


$ nytprofcsv [-h] [-d] [-o <output directory>] [-f <input file>]
perl -d:NYTProf some_perl_app.pl
Generating CSV Output...


nytprofcsv is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.


"nytprofcsv" is a script that implements Devel::NYTProf::Reader to create comma-seperated value formatted reports from Devel::NYTProf databases.

See the Devel::NYTProf Perl code profiler for more information.

Command-Line Options

These are the command line options understood by "nytprofcsv"

-f, --file <filename>
Specifies the location of the input file. The input file must be the output of fprofpp. Default: nytprof.out
-o, --out <dir>
Where to place the generated report. Default: ./nytprof/
-d, --delete
Purge any existing database located at whatever -o (above) is set to
-h, --help
Print the help message

Sample Output

# Profile data generated by Devel::NYTProf::Reader v.0.01
# Format: time,calls,time/call,code
0,0,0,# My New Source File!
0,0,0,package NYT::Feeds::Util;
0.00047,3,0.000156666666666667,use Date::Calc qw(Add_Delta_DHMS);
0.00360,3,0.0012,use HTML::Entities;
0.00212,3,0.000706666666666667,use Encode;
0.00248,3,0.000826666666666667,use utf8;
0.00468,3,0.00156,use strict; 
0.00000,1,0,require Exporter; 
... that's enough, get the picture? ...

Note: The format line indicates what fields the numbers correspond to

Note2: If the source file is modified between profiling and report generation, the source might be misaligned

See Also

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Public SVN Repository and hacking instructions at <http://code.google.com/p/perl-devel-nyt…>

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Adam Kaplan, akaplan at nytimes dotcom


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