nvme-zns-zone-mgmt-send - Man Page

Zone Management Send command


nvme zns zone-mgmt-send <device> [--namespace-id=<NUM> | -n <NUM>]
                        [--start-lba=<IONUM>, -s <IONUM>] [--zsaso, -o]
                        [--select-all, -a] [--zsa=<NUM>, -z <NUM>]
                        [--data-len=<IONUM>, -l <IONUM>]
                        [--data=<FILE>, -d <FILE>]
                        [--timeout=<timeout> | -t <timeout>]


For the NVMe device given, issues the Zone Management Send command with the requested send action. If the send requires additional data, you may specify the data length. If data is required, the input will default to stdin. Alternatively, the data may come from a file that can be specified.


-n <NUM>, --namespace-id=<NUM>

Use the provided namespace id for the command. If not provided, the namespace id of the block device will be used. If the command is issued to a non-block device, the parameter is required.

-s <lba>, --start-lba=<lba>

The starting LBA of the zone to manage send.

-l <NUM>, --data-len=<NUM>

Send data buffer length

-o,  --zsaso

Zone Send Action Specific Option

-a,  --select-all

Send command to all zones

-z <NUM>, --zsa=<NUM>

Zone send action.

-l <IONUM>, --data-len=<IONUM>

Buffer length if data required

-d <FILE>, --data=<FILE>

Optional file for data (default stdin)

-t <timeout>, --timeout=<timeout>

Override default timeout value. In milliseconds.



Part of nvme-cli

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