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nvme-zns-report-zones - Man Page

Retrieve and display the Report Zones data structure


nvme zns report-zones <device> [--namespace-id=<NUM> | -n <NUM>]
                                 [--start-lba=<IONUM> | -s <IONUM>]
                                 [--descs=<NUM> | -d <NUM>]
                                 [--state=<NUM> | -S <NUM>]
                                 [--extended | -e]
                                 [--partial | -p]
                                 [--verbose | -v]
                                 [--output-format=<fmt> | -o <fmt>]


For the NVMe device given, sends the Zone Management Receive command with the Zone Receive Action set to either Report Zones or Extended Report Zones, depending on the extended option.

The <device> parameter is mandatory and may be either the NVMe character device (ex: /dev/nvme0), or a namespace block device (ex: /dev/nvme0n1).

On success, the data structure returned by the device will be decoded and displayed in one of several ways.


-n <NUM>, --namespace-id=<NUM>

Use the provided namespace id for the command. If not provided, the namespace id of the block device will be used. If the command is issued to a non-block device, the parameter is required.

-s <lba>, --start-lba=<lba>

The starting LBA of the zone to begin the report

-d <NUM>, --descs=<NUM>

The number of descriptors to request in the report.

-S <NUM>, --state=<NUM>

The state of zones to request in the report. Known values include:

0List all zones (default)
1Empty State
2Implicitly Opened State
3Explicitly Opened State
4Closed State
5Full State
6Read Only State
7Offline State
-e,  --extended

Request to use the Extended Report Zones option. The extended data is not decoded.

-p,  --partial

If set, the device will return the number of zones that match the state rather than the number of zones returned in the report.

-v,  --verbose

Increase the information detail in the output.

-o <fmt>, --output-format=<fmt>

Set the reporting format to normal, json, or binary. Only one output format can be used at a time.



Part of nvme-cli

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06/03/2024 NVMe Manual